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Malcolm Hugh MACDONALD

Date of death: 24 November 2007
Place of death: Halifax West Yorkshire
Date of birth: 09 August 1937
Place of birth: Halifax West Yorkshire
Marital status: Bachelor
Kin or Other Details: The deceased's father was George Archibald MacDonald who was born 24/09/1905 in halifax West Yorkshire. He had one sister who died without issue in 1984.The deceased's mother was born Emma Louise Gill on 21/10/1905 in Dewsbury West Yorkshire. Following the death of her mother in November 1905 Emma was fostered by another family and began using the surname Barber. She did have one sibling Norman Gill who died in 1978 without issue. At the time of her death (14/10/2002) Emma was using the surname Shooter.
Reference: BV2086836/1

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